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Ranchero Power Updates

Texas temps could normalize in July but still a lot of summer to go.

Our power-market analysts are continuing to monitor summer energy pricing. Texas temperatures could start to normalize for July – BUT August weather is still too far out on the calendar to predict. Our advice? Texas summers are unpredictable. Continue to watch your energy usage so you stay within your utility bill budget this summer.


Texas weather shows likely “average” temps for July 2022.



TIP: Your customer portal is free for all active Ranchero Power customers. Access your home’s energy usage anytime, pay bills, or view your customer documents. Registration is free. Must have a valid e-mail and account number.

Pre-Summer Heatwave – Keep eye on usage this week.

Higher energy prices and high power usage are a poor combination for anyone trying to keep energy costs low. Texans are in for another early heatwave this week. Even ERCOT announced possible record-breaking usage for the state’s power grid. High temps usually mean a home’s Air Conditioning is churning more frequently and for longer periods of time. Ranchero Power wants to remind customers to keep an eye on power usage this week and to develop good power habits for the warm season ahead. 


Various forecasts for the region predict
higher-than-normal average temperatures for the week of 6-6-2022



TIP: Simply turning the thermostat a few degrees up is one of the easiest ways to help lower electricity costs during the summer months.

System Down Time – New customer enrollments suspended 5/27/2022 through 5/30/2022

Ranchero Power and our sister Texas provider, Southern Federal Power, has scheduled a system downtime period starting 5/27/2022 through 5/30/2022. During this period, new customer enrollments will be suspended. This only affects residents scheduling new service with Ranchero Power.

Renewing Customers

Active SoFed and Ranchero customers looking to renew their expiring electricity contract may visit their customer portal to see all our current product offerings or select a new provider by visiting PowerToChoose.Org

What if I have a promotional offer, is it still valid?

Yes. Ranchero Power and Southern Federal Power will honor all valid promotional offers. Please call our Customer Center and we will gladly assist you.



Ranchero Power support:
(888) 204-3202 Mon to Fri: 8am-6pm

Southern Federal Power support:
(844) 644 – 0474 Mon to Fri: 8am-6pm

Both call-centers will be closed in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.

Ranchero Power recommends customers secure a fixed rate contract before peak summer months.

Ranchero Power recommends customers secure a fixed-rate contract before the peak summer months. Browse current Ranchero Power product offers or visit the Texas comparison site at: www.PowerToChoose.org


AVOID VARIABLE RATES THIS SUMMER – Finding average rates below 12¢/kWh is getting harder to find as wholesale energy prices rise. For customers on contracts that are due to expire in the next 1-6 weeks, Ranchero Power recommends finding a new electricity contract now and avoid renewing during peak summer months.

New TDU Charges Posted

For the most recent TDU Charges for your TDU territory, visit this page here – > RancheroPower.com/tducharges/